Biography of Welsh Stand-up Comedian Rhodri Rhys

Rhodri Rhys at the Czech Charles BridgeIn late 1989 Rhodri Rhys qualified as a chartered surveyor, and was immediately distracted by the revolutions in Eastern Europe.

Communism was falling, guns were firing and Rhodri went off to join the action and make his fortune in the East, although he did make sure that all the shooting had finished!

From 1990 Rhodri made his home in Prague and started his own property services company, with clients and properties in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia. He also enjoyed himself a little too much.

In 2001 he sold the company, returned to London and become an investor in a UK construction and property company.

From 2001 to 2011 Rhodri ran the company with his partners turning over £16 million by 2010. During this time he hid his dirty little night-time secret…stand up.

He relinquished his stake in the business in 2011 to become a full time comedian, as there would definitely be more money in that!!

Rhodri’s eclectic life/ work experience has moulded his stand up career. He plays the established comedy clubs, universities, the armed forces, and festivals. His former life as a businessman and previous experience of lecturing on property, hosting business, diplomatic and charity events means that he is in demand for corporate work.

Rhodri’s material is broad and accessible, and his genial manner allows him to open, close or compere any evening.

Rhodri has played all over the world: USA, Far East, Middle East, and Europe.

A fluent Welsh speaker and a former fluent Czech speaker!

Rhodri Rhys PraguePress Extracts

Success, the audience love it, he’s killing them.

– Prague Post

Fantastic MC, we wont be able to afford him next year.

– Chamber of Commerce, Prague

He’s one act to watch for the future.

– Time Out (I know that could mean anything but I’ll take it in a positive context)

Wales’ most famous comedian

– WAK Radio NY (Look, he said it ….really!! Why would I sully my moment in the warm glow by naming MANY more famous, give me a break here!!)

He should stick to property.

– Lewis Evans (my dad)

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